Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Music - Chopin's Etudes

After reading xx's blog entry, I decided to listen to Chopin today... it's been a while since I have heard someone play his Etudes. I used to like the ones that were being played very fast by the artistes, but today I felt that I like the ones that are played fast, but not so fast that they seem mechanical. I kinda now feel that the tempo should not take away the life of the composition.

That makes the Valentina (Igoshina & Lisitsa) my favorites - she seems to have mastered the fine art of achieving a good tempo that's neither too slow nor too fast. And yes, for the record, Sviatoslav Richter is also one of my favorites, but he's kind of a legend now which means most people like him.

Okay, so I asked google if Chopin has prescribed the tempo for any of his etudes, but it seems he hasn't. BTW, have a look at these 3 videos that came up in the search results and see if you agree with me... kinda amazing...

(Her Boesendorfer seems to be the same model as the one in the Media Lab.)

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